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There is an exhilarating opportunity to choose your heavenly location with apartments in Austell. This exotic location on the coast of the Atlantic will cast a spell on anyone no matter how picky or resisting. Splendid apartments in a culturally rich part of the American Dream are on the grab. Choosing the perfect summer vacation can require some thorough research. But with Austell GA apartments selecting the dream vacation has never been simpler.


The apartments are stunning and spacious for proper living. They are fully aired as there are large windows in all rooms and are fully light. There are some neatly placed spotlights inside the house to create the perfect atmosphere. These apartments are ideal for tourists looking for a summer stay, although they are fully available all year round with immediate moving in options.

There is a small lawn in front of the house, a lobby that leads to a long hallway that gives access to all rooms. The hallway is elegantly designed. There is one bedroom with a huge bed and all the necessary furniture. There is a big living room that also serves as a dining room. It is only separated from the kitchen by a neat divider. There should be no worries about any food smells because the living room has glass doors that lead straight to the beach. The bathroom does the job. The whole place is very aesthetically attractive.

There is no washing machine though inside the apartment. All washing machines are in common in the Laundromat Room. There are usually no queues or hold ups and all neighbours are nice people.

There is a common parking that can get crowded at times. But there are more free parking spaces outside the complex.


The rent has to be paid monthly either at the end of the month or at the beginning depending on the lease terms agreed upon. There is a deposit worth of first month’s rent that also has to be paid. Prices during winter are cheaper as it is off-season. Winters are chill and not so cold and there is much to do in town even though swimming in the ocean could literally send you in heaven.

The management staff is great. They are prompt 24/7 as they also have an office and approachable people. Contract terms can be discussed with them.


The area is surrounded by magnificent landscapes be it towards the Atlantic or towards the city. The complex is situated in a quiet and clean neighbourhood devoid of any tensions. Parties usually happen in the city as it is very busy at night and culturally rich in general.

It is an ideal place to spend summers even for a couple of weeks. You will surely have a memory card full of photos.