the Apartments

Enjoy the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean on the coastline of Austell GA, a great exotic location to spend your vacation or your whole life. Finding a dream location for a summer holiday isn’t easy; nor is choosing a dream location for a whole lifetime. There are financial considerations as well as reliance and benefits. Austell GA apartments could just be the next solution for you. Whether renting or buying, short term or long term, there are apartments to suit everyone’s needs and specifications.

These culturally diverse cities, quiet and safe neighbourhood, exotic dreamlike beaches, offer the spot with enormous potential for good living. Living here is as carefree as a ride on the wind in infancy. The apartments are either in one or two bedroom formats. The two bedroom apartments are gorgeous.

They are fully furnished and ready anytime of the year to welcome its new residents. There is an overall contemporary design and feel to it. Full amenities are in place. The master bedroom is a beautiful large room with windows towards the ocean. The breeze during the evening can be quite splendid here in the summer with the windows open. There are air coolers in the main rooms because it can get warm and damp in the peak of the season. There are radiators too for making the place warm in the winter. Winters tend to be mild and very quiet here. The complex is peaceful during summers too. The residents are usually nice people that one can get along with.

The kitchen is perfectly fit for cooking enthusiasts. There are modern appliances and accessories. The living room bears its name for a reason: one can live permanently here. It is very spacious and equipped with electronics. It has sofas, chairs and a dining table. As you guessed by now, it leads to a small ground floor balcony that opens to a marvellous view of the Atlantic. The bathroom is tiled all over which makes for an elegant and waterproof design.

There are 24/7s, groceries, supermarkets and other interest points nearby the complex just in walking distance. There is a common Laundromat and parking. They rarely get crowded as there are plenty of washing machines and parking spaces. So there have rarely been complaints about anything. The admin staff is all friendly people. Any issue can be discussed with them.

Rent is being paid monthly either upfront in cash or by card or via direct debit. Checks are not accepted. Be sure that prices are good for what the place has to offer. You will not be let down.