Find Your Dream Apartment on the Coast of the Atlantic

Coast of the Atlantic

Checking for ideal locations where to live next has been made easy with beach apartments in Austell. These next to exotic places will fulfil your needs for safe and peaceful living and more. The city is just spectacular, culturally diverse with a lot of social activities going on. Being based on the coastline it provides with magnificent views over the Atlantic Ocean.

The apartments are of different types, but this one is a stunning 2 bedroom. Bedrooms are of equal sizes with two double sized beds in each of them. They are fully decorated and furnished with bed sized tables on each side, a closet and a big mirror. One of the bedrooms has a small office desk ‘for shuffling papers’. The other one has a door that leads on a small balcony facing the beach. It is literally just yards away from the ocean. There is a fairly spacious living room also with a small balcony and view towards the ocean. One can spend some truly romantic evenings down here.

The kitchen and the bathroom are both fully equipped with all the necessary amenities. The only things missing are utensils and accessories but that shouldn’t be much of a trouble as the area is filled with stores and other useful shops. Make sure to check that the contract mentions these missing items. The kitchen has a cute dining table for 4 and the appliances are electric. The bathroom does not have a bath tub. It only has a shower and enclosure.

Overall the apartment is beautifully light especially in the morning on the ocean side. It can really create a surreal atmosphere. The rent is fair for all the apartment has to offer. The surrounding area in the complex is generally quiet. There are no parties or any loud arguments or anything like that. The staff is charming and always helpful. Maintenance has been prompt so far and they did have the occasion to prove themselves as there were some installation issues in the kitchen that got sorted out pretty quick. The insulation is good even though it doesn’t make much difference as summers are hot and winters are light.

There is a parking area in the complex for all residence and this is great. Some neighbours have come and gone just like that and some have been living here for a longer time but they have all been approachable and respectful people so far. One thing to absolutely love is the vegetation all around. There various types of palms and interesting moss. The combination of green and the ocean make for a distinct type of air which is very good for the body.

This is an ideal place for tourists and couples alike, which want to enjoy some private and reserved time spent together. The overall prices are just fit for that and the whole city will gladly welcome people for that purpose.